What Tools Do I Need to Mount a TV?

What tools do I need to mount a TV?
tools to mount tv
Is there a list of tools I will need for TV mounting?
The basic set of tools you will need to mount a TV includes:

∙ a drill
∙ a drill bit set
∙ a Phillips-head screwdriver
∙ a good stud finder
∙ a laser level
∙ a knife
∙ a pencil
∙ a tape measure
∙ a socket wrench set
∙ a set of hex keys
∙ a level

Screws come with the mount. The set usually includes screws of various sizes, and you should be able to find ones that will specifically fit your TV. In rare cases when you can’t find the right screws in the set that was provided, you might have to take a trip to a hardware store such as Ace Hardware or Home Depot and buy a few screws from them.

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