5 Tips You Should Know About Before Buying a New TV

5 Tips You Should Know About Before Buying a New TV
buying a new TV

How to Choose the Best TV?


Choosing a TV may seem an easy task but once you start researching the available brands, screen types, screen sizes etc., you might find it a bit more difficult than first thought.

One guiding principle that a lot of people use is the budget. If you decide that you are willing to spend a set amount on a new TV, it automatically helps you filter out the options that are priced higher or lower than your set budget.

If staying within your budget is your number one priority, then you will have less difficulty choosing the TV, and also you are likely to be content with your purchase.

If your priority is to have the best viewing experience you can get, then the choice of brand, screen type and size becomes more important. Additionally, you begin considering some of the other technical specifications like frame rate and processor speed.

If you belong to a yet different category of people who cannot quite decide whether they should prioritize budgeting over viewing experience or the other way around, then choice making becomes even more complicated. Our recommendation to you would be to go for the maximum quality you can afford, assuming that you will be using your new TV regularly.

The reason behind recommending higher quality over saving money is simple. If you are buying a device you are going to interact with regularly, perhaps even several hours a day, you don’t want to be stuck with something that offers inferior experience when you know that there is something better out there that you could have gotten instead.

Here are five tips for choosing the right TV for You:

  • Determine your budget

Deciding how much you are going to spend on a new TV before going to BestBuy will help you not only narrow down your choices but also keep your spending under control.

  • Choose TV resolution (Full HD, 4K or 8K)

Considering the availability of content and the cost associated with different resolution standards, most consumers nowadays should go for a 4k television.

  • Choose screen size

Choose your screen size based on the expected viewing distance, the size of your room and the size of your budget. For more elaborate guidance on screen sizes, check out our article What screen size should I choose? Smaller or larger?

  • Decide on the screen type (OLED, QLED or LED)

Currently, OLED screens offer the most superior picture. There are drawbacks, such as higher reflected glare and significantly higher cost. LED screens are a more affordable option with less glare. QLEDs are an upgraded version of LED screens, and they fall in between OLEDs and LEDs in terms of cost and picture quality. For additional insight, read our article What type of TV screen is better for my eyes?

  • Think of whether you will use the TV for gaming

If you are a gamer, in addition to the screen type and resolution, you might also want to consider such features as low input lag, high refresh rate, and high dynamic range.

After you have selected your perfect TV, do not forget to hire a TV mounting professional for installing it in an ideal place on the wall.

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