Is It Worth Buying an 8K TV?

Is it worth buying an 8K TV?
8K TVs vs other TVs
Is spending extra on an 8K TV really worth it?

An 8K TV has a screen that is 8,000 pixels wide. It is the next generation resolution standard whose predecessor is 4K. An 8K screen is capable of providing the resolution that is two times higher than 4K, just like 4K is twice the resolution of full HD. It is natural to assume that upgrading from 4K to 8K would mean a significant increase in picture quality.

But before you rush to a store to buy a new 8K television, you should consider one important circumstance. The content that is shot in 8K resolution is practically non-existent. If you play the available HD or 4K content on your 8K screen, the picture quality is going to be HD and 4K respectively.

The truth is that even 4K content is not that widely available. You can’t watch just any show in 4K. You can find recently released or remastered Hollywood films in 4K, but most European movies are still only available in full HD.

4K TVs started to appear on the market back in 2013, and you can put this into perspective when you decide whether or not to upgrade to 8K. Video games just now started to come out in 8K; however, gaming consoles are not yet providing support for 8K gaming.

The bottom line is that you might want to put off buying an 8K TV simply because there is no 8K content to play on it, and there likely won’t be a lot of it in near future. If you still want a TV upgrade, consider increasing the diagonal size or switching from LED to OLED.

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