How to Choose the Best TV Mount

How to Choose the Best TV Mount
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What is the best TV mount for my television?

When it comes to mounting your TV on a wall, one of the decisions that you are going to make is what type of TV mount you will be using. There are three main types of TV mounts: fixed, tilting and full-motion. Which one to chose will depend on your room layout and on some of your personal preferences.

Before you decide on the type of TV mount, take into consideration the wall on which your TV will hang as well as the point or multiple points in the room from which you will be watching the TV.

Three Types of TV Mounts:

  • Fixed Mounting Bracket

Fixed mounts are immobile and they make your TV hang parallel to the wall like a picture frame, without any possibility of angle adjustment. They are suitable for viewers who plan to watch their television from the same viewing point or who just do not plan to adjust the angle of the screen.

  • Tilting Mounting Bracket

Tilting mounts provide you with the option of tilting your TV down for when you are watching the TV while sitting down on a lower couch or on the floor. While some tilting mounts will feature a higher profile (distance between the TV and the the wall) compared to fixed mounts, with others you will hardly notice any difference as your TV is mounted on a wall.

  • Full-motion Mounting Bracket

Full-motion mounts offer most flexibility to adjust to different viewing points and are able to change the angle of the screen not only vertically (up and down) but also horizontally (left to right). They make you less dependent on where your TV is mounted. They also extend forward, which allows you to bring the mounted TV closer to the viewing area. The downside of full-motion mounts is that they tend to be more expensive and feature a higher profile.

If you still cannot decide what type of mount to choose, you can rely on our TV mounting experts to provide recommendations that are specific to your room and your needs. Hire professionals to do their job!

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