What Is the Ideal Height for TV Mounting?

What Is the Ideal Height for TV Mounting?
Determine the ideal hight for your TV
At what height should I mount my TV?

Before having your TV mounted on a wall, one of the important decisions you will have to make is how high above the floor your TV will hang. You might end up asking yourself, “Do I hang it higher or lower?” And the answer to that question will depend on both personal preferences and a basic rule-set, should you decide to follow it.

Our general recommendation is that you position your mounted TV at such a height that the center of the screen is at your eye level when you are watching the TV. If you watch your TV from only one viewing point, it will be easy to determine that perfect elevation and have the TV mounted accordingly.

But what should you do if you tend to watch TV both while sitting on the couch and while standing up behind the kitchen bar? In that case you should choose to position the center of the screen at a level that represents a simple average of your eye level while standing up and your eye level while sitting down.

Also, if you prefer to sit in a reclined position rather than sitting upright, you may want to mount the TV higher than your eye level so that you are looking at the center of the screen without having to lower or raise your eyes.

When mounting the TV above a fireplace, you will be limited to the space that is available between the fireplace and the ceiling. However, you will need to keep in mind maintaining a safe distance from the TV to the mantel to protect the TV from access heat. If there is no mantel, this distance should be larger. You also do not want to mount the TV too close to the mantel so that the mantel does not block the picture.

If you are still unsure how high to have your TV mounted, ask your TV installer during the time of your appointment, and our tech will be happy to help you decide on the optimal positioning.

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