What TV Brands Do You Recommend?

What TV brands do you recommend?
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What TV brands would you recommend?
In this blog entry we provide recommendations for TV brands based on our preferences and experience.

#1 Our number one pick is Sony. We are firm believers that Sony screens offer the best picture quality. Sony also excels in a number of other aspects. They provide superior sound and user-friendly interface experience, and their products have a long lifespan.

#2 Our second recommendation is Samsung. Samsung also has excellent picture quality, and for those who prefer vibrant and exaggerated colors, Samsung is a great pick, especially considering that the price tag is quite a bit lower than that of Sony.

#3 LG makes great televisions. In our opinion, they are comparable to Samsung.

#4 Sharp has been on the market for decades and their TVs are of very good quality and are less expensive than the above-mentioned brands.

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