What Type of Screws Should I Use to Mount My TV on a Wall?

What type of screws should I use?
screws for tv
What type of screws should I use for TV mounting?

All TV wall mounts come with a set of screws that you will need to attach both the TV mounting plate to the TV and the TV mounting bracket to the wall. The wholes on the back of the TV may vary in diameter and depth, therefore the set of screws usually contains a variety of different sizes.

The four screws that you or your TV installer will use to attach the mounting bracket to the wall are made for wood studs and usually come in a standard size. Some of the cheaper wall mounts though come with thinner stud screws. If the mounted TV is light in weight, that shouldn’t be a problem, but with heavier TV’s, especially when mounted onto a single stud, we recommend using a thicker screw. Otherwise, the screws may break during TV installation or pull out of the stud after the TV mounting service has been completed.

To have a TV mounted on a wall with metal studs, the TV mount installer will have to use a special toggle bolt anchor with a screw. Those do not come with TV mounts and have to be purchased separately.

Finally, if you decide to do the TV mounting on a brick or concrete wall, your installer will need to use sleeve anchors in combination with concrete anchors for extra support. Those are also sold separately.

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