4 Mistakes You Should Not Make While Mounting a TV on the Wall

4 Mistakes You Should Not Make While Mounting a TV on the Wall
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What are the common TV mounting mistakes and how to avoid them?
Are you moving into a new apartment or just upgrading your TV? While the reasons for mounting a TV on a wall can vary, avoiding common mistakes will save you money and time. Not paying enough attention to lighting or choosing an incompatible mount are some of the mistakes to steer clear of.

Check out this quick guide to learn about four mistakes you can avoid when wall mounting your TV.

TV Mounting Mistakes

Many people choose to mount their TV on the wall to save space and add extra comfort. However, sometimes they make mistakes that damage the wall or cause the TV to break. Let's take a look at some of those mistakes.

1. Forgetting or Failing to Adequately Assess the Strength of the Walls

One of the common mistakes made while mounting a TV is not properly considering the strength of the wall. As a first step, you need to inspect the walls in the house or apartment and identify the material used in the wall design. Since most walls are made of sheetrock on wood studs, you will have to locate the studs because only studs can handle the TV's weight. You should never drill into plain drywall.

2. Choosing the Wrong Location in the House

Do not just choose a random wall in your house. Think of your TV mounting as a permanent arrangement and choose your location thoughtfully. After all, you don’t want to endlessly remount your TV.
First, choose between the dining room, living room, and bedroom. Secondly, consider the location of windows and the direction of sunlight. Third, decide how high you want your TV to hang. For more insight on the proper installation height, read our article What Is the Ideal Height for TV Mounting?

3. Incorrect Estimation of Cable Length

Another mistake that people make when installing a TV is they miscalculate the length of the cables that will run from the TV to the outlet and to the audiovisual equipment. When you measure the distance, add an extra 10% to your measurement so you don't have to buy new cables and run them behind the wall again. Use installation services if you are not sure if you have done your calculations correctly and if you want someone to help you.
Proper cable length estimation is critical, as cables that are too short will eventually break and long ones will become tangled.

4. Leaving the Work Unfinished

Under no circumstances should work be left unfinished. Think over all aspects of TV installation in advance. Make a list of necessary tools and materials. Buy what you need before starting the installation process. Choose the right cable length, select a place for your TV, check the weight of the TV and the size of the mount in advance to avoid surprises when working. Planning ahead will also help you complete your TV installation at the scheduled time.

A Quick Recap

There are a few mistakes to avoid when installing your TV. These include incorrect considerations of wall strength, incorrect site selection, and misjudgment of cable length. Leaving your TV installation incomplete due to poor planning is another mistake you shouldn't make. To avoid the fuss, you always have the opportunity to use the services of professional TV installers.

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