Can I Mount a TV Myself?

Can I mount a TV myself?
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Can I mount a TV myself or do I need to call a pro?

If you have the right tools and a certain set of skills, the answer is yes. You will need to follow installation instructions carefully and have someone help you lift the TV after the mounting bracket has been attached to the wall and the mounting plate has been attached to the back of the TV.

Here are basic step by step TV mounting instructions:

∙ put the TV face down on cushioned flat surface (e.g. on a rug or couch)

∙ attach the mounting plate to the back of the TV

∙ attach the wall bracket to the TV mounting plate

∙ measure the distance between the bottom row of holes in the wall bracket and the end of the TV (this is your "measurement 1")

∙ on the wall, make a mark where you want the bottom of your TV to be

∙ add “measurement 1” to that height and make another mark (you will drill pilot holes for two bottom screws at this level)

∙ use a stud finder to locate two studs closest to where you wish to mount your TV

∙ place marks right in the middle of the studs

∙ measure the distance from the bottom row of holes to the top row of holes on the wall bracket

∙ use a laser level and a pencil to make marks for 4 pilot holes based on your marks and measurements (your pilot holes should be right in the middle of the stud)

∙ drill the pilot holes (make sure to use the drill bit size specified in the user manual that came with the mount)

∙ use a set of screws and an impact drill or a socket wrench to attach the wall bracket to the wall

∙ use a level tool to make sure the wall bracket is level

∙ lift the TV onto the wall plate and secure it with safety pins or safety screws (whichever came with the mount)

∙ use the level tool again to check if the TV is level

If things go smoothly, you will have successfully mounted your TV! However, should you run into unexpected obstacles, it could become quite challenging to resolve them if you don’t have a lot of experience installing TVs. In that case you might end up having to call a professional TV installer.

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