How to Set up Lighting for Optimal TV Watching?

How to set up lighting for optimal TV watching?
optimal lighting for watching TV
What is the best way to set up lighting in the TV room?

After you have mounted your TV in the perfect location on the wall, have set up the speakers and the furniture, one last but not least important step that remains for superior viewing experience is to properly arrange lighting in your room.

To create the right kind of ambient light, you will need to consider getting light bulbs that provide warm light, somewhere around 2700 Kelvin. Light of this temperature will help you feel relaxed. Dimmable or 3-way light fixtures will give you necessary brightness options. Smart LED bulbs with adjustable color temperature may also be used; however, they are commonly not very bright.

Positioning the light fixtures is another important element in lighting design. Here you will have to take into account the type of screen your TV has. OLED screens are highly reflective, therefore you may want to avoid placing a lamp next to the couch. Otherwise, you will be seeing its reflection on the screen. It is best to place a light beside or behind the OLED TV. Overhead lights will also minimize the glare, but pleasant and relaxing ambiance is better achieved through the use of indirect lighting, floor lamps, and table lamps.

LED screens are known to produce less glare than OLEDs, for which reason putting a lamp next to the sitting area might be a good option to choose. Looking away from the light fixture while watching television will translate to less strain and more comfort for your eyes.

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