TV Mounting in San Jose

San Jose is a large technology center in the Bay Area. Life in this region can be very busy and work very demanding. The time when you come home to relax while watching your favorite show becomes especially valuable. A well mounted TV in such a case cannot be overrated. That is why San Jose residents rely on companies like TV Installation Pros to provide the best expert TV mounting service.

Whether you bought a new television or are moving to your new residence in San Jose, you will probably decide to have your TV mounted on a wall. You can rely on us to help you choose the right type of wall mount as well as to make recommendations for the height and other positioning specifications that will best work for your specific case.

Our technician will ask you to specify on which wall you would like to mount your TV and at what elevation as well as how you prefer to position it left to right. After that, the tech will examine the wall using a stud finder in order to determine whether the position of studs inside the wall is conducive to mounting your TV in the desired spot. In most cases, it is.

An important part of having your TV installed on a wall securely is making sure that the wall mount has the capacity to hold the weight of the TV. For that purpose, your tech will inspect the mount and will verify its compatibility with your television.

After all these steps, your mounting service professional will begin installation. Should you decide that you would like to have your cables hidden behind the wall, the technician will determine whether the wall is suitable for internal cord concealment. If it is suitable, the tech will install a power bridge and will run your wires inside the wall.

When TV installation is completed, as a final step we will use a level tool to make sure that your television is hanging level.

When you hire us, a TV mounting company near you, you can rest assured that we will provide the best TV mounting service in your area!
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