TV Mounting in San Francisco

San Francisco is a highly diverse and vibrant cultural center; it is also a major business and technology hub. Residents of San Francisco enjoy a dynamic city life style splitting their time between work and leisure. And when it comes to leisure, the city offers an endless list of entertainment venues and events; however, nothing can replace a quiet night in front of the TV or a not so quiet movie party.

Whether you plan to watch a film or play your favorite video game, for the best viewing experience you will want your TV mounted on a wall. And if you have the right skills and tools, TV mounting can become an interesting weekend DIY project, but many San Francisco residents rely on companies like ours to have their TV installation done professionally by a TV mounting expert.

Upon making an appointment for a TV mounting service, our technician will come to your home at the agreed time and will ask you about your preferences with regard to TV installation, including positioning on the wall such as elevation above the floor and left-to-right placement. If you are unsure about where to hang your TV, your San Francisco TV mounting professional will make recommendations and will help you make a decision about optimal positioning parameters.

The TV installer will then inspect your wall in order to determine the location of studs for secure installation. If you decide to hide your wires behind the wall and you order a cable concealment service, the tech will check the wall to make sure that the cord concealment can be done in that wall. In the case in which in-wall concealment cannot be done, external cable masking can be recommended as an alternative solution.

If you already have a mount that you would like us to use for your TV install, our technician will check the mounting bracket for compatibility with your TV to insure it can handle the weight. If you don’t have a mount, we can bring one for you.

After the initial steps have been completed, your TV will be mounted on the wall and leveled. Now it is ready to watch, and we thank you for choosing TV Installation Pros, a professional TV mounting service near you.

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